The quickest way to grow is to try new things!


Welcome to Hip Habitat LA!

Exactly why I did this. 

I've been feeling like I need more of an outlet for my interests--a way to marry design with lifestyle, mental health with diet, exercise and meditation. Basically, a place to talk with people about my ongoing journey to happiness, healthiness, and a beautifully designed apartment.

Finding your passion and what happens when you don't

am i a GiRLbOss yet??

There is a specific type of pressure that seems to plague many in my generation: what is my PASSION and how can I make money doing it? What is wrong with me if I'm not even sure what it is that I want to do? And do I have to figure that out or should I just stay in a random job? 

Managing the Clutter

A messy person learns to declutter her home and mind.

I recently moved into a smaller apartment and have been forced to pare down my possessions, examine my relationship to my items, and figure out why it is so hard for me to let go of all my crap. 


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