• Kate Chindlund

Back to School

Updated: May 6, 2019

I’ve been trying some new things, and I wanted to share with you.

I started interior design school. I decided to go back to college and work towards a second bachelors degree. My first one is from the University of Iowa and it’s in Theatre Arts. I loved studying theatre; it was really visceral and exciting. But I have a lot of other interests that I didnt feel like I had delved into enough. One of those interests is home design. I’ve been obsessed with housing shows forever and that combined with my “good eye” convinced me that interior design could be a successful career path for me. I did a bunch of research and found that there is a fantastic community college near me that offered a certificate program that can transfer to a university for a bachelors degree in interior design. So I jumped.

Now Im a couple weeks into classes and I am having a blast being a student again! I feel so much more focused and present in school as a late 20’s adult compared to when I was a student as a teen/early 20’s adult.

In school I’m learning about what makes a good living space. I’ve made a 3d model and am working on a project where I’m required to design a NYC loft for a single dweller. It’s very interesting!

You many have also seen that I have started making videos aka vlogs...that is something new too! I’ve always wanted to create video content and Hip Habitat LA felt like the right vehicle to do so! My YouTube channel is under the name Hip Habitat LA just like the blog—go check it out! I’ll be posting a lot of the videos on here too. I’m working really hard to improve as a creator and up my production value in an effort to give you quality content. My goal is to release a new video every Monday, and I will stick to that the best I can!

Thank you for coming with me on this journey as I pour out more and more of myself into these blog posts and videos and onto my ig feed. It’s kindof scary being so earnest and vulnerable, but then again, who cares??

I want to connect and relate and make at least one person feel less alone. That’s why I’m doing this.



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