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Mt. Washington Made

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

I recently went to a local craft fair to support Mt. Washington Elementary School in North East Los Angeles. It was so cute and left me feeling inspired as heck.

Some of my favorites...

This was such a nice way to spend an afternoon with my bestie Lani. My only complaint is that I made the mistake of wearing a fuzzy sweater in 80 degree weather and was immediately dripping and not in the cool Cardi B way. Honestly every single booth had something special and beautiful to offer. These were the ones in no specific order that really caught my eye:

1. Juju Made - @jujumade - www.jujumade.com

This was a line of handbags, belts, hats, home goods and jewelry made by owner Juliana Hung. She uses ceramic in ways I've never seen before and the geometric shapes of her jewelry were striking. What I loved about her jewelry offerings was that they featured a mostly neutral, extremely versatile color palette, which I am all about! These are pieces that become your everyday go-to. And the handbags! They were bright, classic, and seemed like they would last you years to come. If you were to wear this bag out, you will get compliments galore,

2. Pauline Wolstencroft Ceramics - @paulinewolstencroft - www.paulinewolstencroft.com

As you can see, these are bright, happy ceramics that would make any room more charming. There were little ring dishes, incense holders, wall hangings, and more. Pauline's eye for pleasing color combinations is fantastic! Love Love Love.

3. FIG + PALM - @figandpalm - www.figandpalm.com

This company owned by Robyn Mesher and Britt Roennigke lovingly and thoughtfully curates "postpartum essentials". They had these beautiful boxes available for both postpartum and pregnancy loss. I think it is the perfect personal gift for a mother in any situation. The boxes contain things like lactation tea, all natural/organic salves and creams, and soothing bath blends. They also had some luscious candles on display-not a bad one in the bunch! I picked up some very fragrant palo santo for room cleansing.

4. Margins - www.marginsimprint.com

This Ojai, California based print company drew me in IMMEDIATELY. Moon Calendars, gold ink and a witchy vibe? I'm in. What I didn't realize until perusing his website later is that owner Jeremy Rendina is running a very cool and ethical company up there in Ojai! (Not suprised, Ojai is the best) He uses sustainable printing practices, using fair trade and tree-free paper whenever possible. He also uses water and soy based ink. Awesome. I picked up this amazing print:

The frame I had on hand (thrifted from Goodwill for $6) was a bit too tall for the print, so I got creative and sealed some gold metal flakes I had in my craft bin (told you I love gold) onto some plain white paper scraps to fill in the gaps. It turned out pretty neat!

This was a really great reminder for me as a maker to put myself out there and just keep going! How amazing to see so many woman makers from my neighborhood succeeding with their passion projects.

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