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Welcome to Hip Habitat LA!

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

I needed an outlet--an online creative space where I can share the ideas I come across in my quest to "live my best life".. My own tiny corner of the internet to feel inspired and connect.

Hey, thanks for being here. I am Kate Chindlund if you didn't already know. I'm an actor, improviser, maker of home decor, dog owner, breakfast queen, hiker, researcher, coffee connoisseur, comedy lover, beach lounger, reader, interior design aficionado, Midwesterner, space cadet, Bravo fanatic, podcast enthusiast, idea machine, a great "what should I text back?" helper, Aries....what else do you wanna know?

What prompted this venture, you ask?I know, there are a million blogs out there. Trust me, I've thought about that. But I knew that this was the outlet that I've been searching for. I started my Etsy store, Hip Habitat, last year after I got a good response on social media from my first woodburning project: a set of Harry Potter coasters. Accio Side Hustle!

Inspired, I entered into the Etsy space. I got some sales and started an Instagram account. I was loving my new side hustle as a Maker. Crafting has always helped me to feel creative, get off my phone, and manage anxiety. But after a while, I started to realize that I didn't just want to be "out there" as a coaster maker. There was more I had to say then just "head to etsy and buy my coasters!" There is so much more going on in my life that I want to write about and connect with people about--I have a ton of interests and a whole acting career I'm trying to get off the ground!

The truth is, I love LA and I love acting, but as most people know, it is one of the most difficult and unpredictable fields once could go into. It's tough. There is no direct and guaranteed path to success in the entertainment industry-ESPECIALLY as an actor. You are told "no" constantly and you getting cast in something is completely in someone else's hands. It's easy to start to wonder why you want to do it at all. This has left me yearning for something that I'm in control of, something to keep my spirits up as I figure things out. This is my solution: an online space to explore all the other interests I have in addition to acting.

But enough whining about a decision that I willingly made! I'm definitely not giving up on my acting stuff--I will share that part of my journey on here too. They will feed into one another. The point is, I am excited to have this blog (that I am the boss of!) to document not only my design ideas and attempts to be as healthy as I can, but also my experience as a twenty something creative trying to find her place in the world. More specifically, in Los Angeles, California.

Am I qualified to be handing out advice? Not really! Lol. The things I write about are intended to document my experience with things and maybe inspire you to give something new a try or start an interesting dialogue. But I'm no expert-you do you! I call myself an "investigator" on this website. Here's what I mean by that. When a topic sparks my interest, I immediately do a HUGE deep dive on said topic. We're talking hours and hours of reading articles on dry brushing, intermittent fasting, jewelry making, whole30, tiny house design, mental health issues...the list goes on and on! Instead of doing this research for absolutely no reason (other than the fact that I can NOT stop once I start), I am going to share my findings here. If I haven't done it and/or don't know much about it, I will research it, try it and report back!

I am looking to make my life better and to be nicer to myself along the way. But I don't want to do it alone...Let's learn and grow together!

I'm happy you're here. :D

#losangeles #actor #maker

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